HO HO HO, that time of year is coming around again!

Christmas is getting closer, and we’ve got lots in store coming up for you. 

Our personalized ‘When Santa Got Stuck up the Chimney’ storybook is back, but it’s now available as a beautiful coloring book! The illustrations that we all loved last time have been adapted into thoughtful coloring pages.

Santa’s been very greedy whilst out delivering presents – it was only a matter of time until he became too big to fit down the chimney. This coloring book version will still include all the jolly rhyming verses and personalization aspects.

A Love of Books

Christmas is a great opportunity to get your kids exploring a love of books – there’s so much out there to discover and they make great, educational gifts. Coloring books that also involve written text or a story essentially provide an opportunity for your child to feel as though they have worked on the book themselves, which can be a very accomplishing feeling for a little one. We want every child who receives our products to feel as though the act of coloring in  gives them a sense of participation within the book’s creation – they become the illustrator, a collaborator of our products! Our Christmas wish is that this instills them with confidence.

Presents are great, we should know! But if you’re lucky enough to buy them, When Santa Got Stuck Up The Chimney will provide a lesson in gratitude, humility, and knowing when to stop. It makes the perfect, fun, affordable educational Christmas gift for any youngster!

Books That Travel

When we consider creating a new coloring-book product based on a previous book, a lot more comes into the mix than just outlining illustrations for children to color in. Firstly, we think about the tangibility of the product. We recognize that kids want to be able to travel with activity books, so smaller, softback versions are always a must. Next, we think about the integration of text and image on the page. Our team of writers and designers work together on this until the balance is just right. 

The ultimate hope is that any child will be able to carry the book around with them, viewing it as an activity for any situation.

Want to make Santa seem real this year?

There are plenty of affordable ways to give your kids an amazing Christmas. If you want your little ones to believe in the magic of Santa, we’ve got some tips for you!

1. Take a sheet of laminate paper. Use a big boot and some paint to create a footprint. Repeat on a few sheets. Line them by the Christmas tree. Let the rest take care of itself! Alternatively, you can buy fake snow or use icing sugar to create the same illusion.
2. Buy some feathers from an arts and crafts store and lay them around the house – wait till your kids find them and exclaim ‘they must be from the reindeer!’
3. Choose the gift box option when you order a Christmas book or gift from us, and sign ‘Love Santa’ in your personalized message!

International Santa Claus

A beloved modern icon all over the world, traditions of what Santa looks like or how he presents gifts varies all over the world.

1. In France, Santa is not the chubby-lovable-huggy type! He wears a long red cloak instead of a big suit. Children leave their shoes by the fireplace hoping that they will be filled with treats after mass on Christmas Eve.
2. In Russia and Ukraine, Ded Moroz (Father Frost) is often depicted as a wizard, and he travels all over the Slavic region on New Year’s Eve, carrying gifts for children along with the Snow Maiden.
3. In Sweden, an adult family member will dress up as Jultomten, a creature based on Swedish folklore who has become conflated with Santa Claus. They will wear a face mask and ask ‘are they any good children who live here?’ and distribute gifts.
4. In Austria, Switzerland, and Germany, a female gift-giver wearing a crown on top of curly blonde hair is played by a child during the holiday market. We love this feminist version of Santa Claus!
5. In  Spain,  children are visited by three figures! They represent the three wise men, who children leave sweets for. These treats then get replaced by presents!

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Other Christmas Classics in Our Collection

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