We can either supply in bulk to a central distribution point, or offer direct dispatch to any address. The status of any order can be checked at wheresmyorder.signature-gifts.com.

All delivery charges are on a per-item basis based on weight.
Max order charge of $30

Shipping & Handling Charged on a per-item basis Production & Dispatch Shipping Time
Standard Shipping
(US Mainland)
Lightweight / Small Products – $10.00
Heavyweight / Large Products – $15.00
3-4 days* via NY  2-8 days
Urgent Shipping
(US from Factory)
Lightweight / Small Products – $20.00
Heavyweight / Large Products – $25.00
2-3 days* from UK  1-2 days
Standard Shipping
Lightweight / Small Products – $16.50
Heavyweight / Large Products – $26.50
3-4 days* via NY  4-8 days
Urgent Shipping
All Products irrespective of weight – $30.00 2-3 days* from UK  1-2 days
Bulk US Shipment
(To a Single Address)
All Products irrespective of weight – $30.00 3-4 days* from UK  1-2 days
International Shipping
(Rest of the World)
All Products irrespective of weight – $30.00 3-4 days* from UK  5-14 days
  • A day is a working/business day – Monday to Friday.
  • A full day counts on orders received before 9 am EST.
  • Charges are on a per-item basis to the same mainland USA address (most expensive items will apply first).
  • If ordering via an import basis the items must be placed on the same order at the same time to qualify for the $30 cap on shipping.
  • We also offer a drop-ship service at a cost of $4.00 per order.
  • For all major cities & East/Central regions. Remote western region for up to 3 days.

Carriers Used

Shipped from Long Island NY within 3-4 days of placing the order

  • US Standard (light and heavy) = books and calendars we send via DHL BPM (Bound Printed Material). This is a non-signed but tracked service to your door. All non-bound printed product (e.g. original newspapers) is sent via DHL Parcel. This is not a trackable service (2-8 days)
  • Canada Standard (light and heavy) = DHL GlobalMail Packet Plus (4-8 days)

Shipped direct from UK Factory within 2-3 days of placing order

  • US & Canada Urgent (light and heavy) = for all products, we send direct from our factory in the UK on a Fed Ex International Priority Service. This is fully signed for and tracked service (1-2 days)
  • ROW (light and heavy) = UPS International Priority (5-14 days)

Delivery Terms

How Deliveries are made and to where

Signature Gifts Inc will deliver the products ordered to you to the address you give for delivery when you make your order. You may specify a delivery address that is different from your invoice address.

Heavier more expensive items such as newspaper books are normally sent via a “trackable” service and urgent deliveries are always “trackable”.

We will deliver to PO boxes if you use our own shipping service.

The status of any order can be checked at www.signature-gifts.com/wheresmyorder/

Delivery Lead Times

Order to delivery is dependent on the item chosen and relevant zip code. At peak times, such as Christmas, deliveries may take a few days longer. For US/Canada orders (only), there is an Express Delivery option. This option prioritizes your order to the top of the queue and is dispatched using a faster courier service.

Delivery Issues

In the unlikely event you or your customers do not receive products ordered by you within 28 days of the date on which you ordered them; Signature Gifts Inc shall have no liability to you unless you notify Signature Gifts Inc by email at enquiries@signature-gifts.com of the problem within 30 days of the date on which you ordered the product(s).

Unless you have canceled your order prior to delivery, you will become the owner of the products once they have been delivered to you. In any case, after delivery they will be held at your own risk and Signature Gifts Inc will not be liable for any loss, damage or destruction to the products except insofar as it arises from an inherent defect in any of the products.

Delivery Restrictions

 Please be aware that our licensed books such as Disney cannot be sold outside of the USA and Canada. Our other non-licensed titles have no such restrictions.


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Delivery Warning – COVID-19

The current global pandemic has affected our courier services who have implemented changes to adapt to COVID. Due to this, delivery delays are possible. We therefore recommend upgrading your delivery method to ‘urgent’ to avoid any potential delays.