For decades, we’ve been ignoring the facts about climate change.

Massive glaciers have been melting under our feet while we fly high in planes emitting toxic fumes. Animals have died and fires have spread wildly. Temperatures have risen at unfathomable rates. Now that people are finally starting to see the facts, we can look back upon a history of headlines and witness how much we truly ignored. This collection contains coverage from the Washington Post from 2002 all the way up until August 2021.

The facts, figures and harrowing coverage of natural disasters in this newspaper book hit hard, especially when you take up the option to personalize your edition. The personalization’s include a name embossed on the front cover, a name on a message page and a label message.

An Inconvenient Truth

On the 29th of January 2006, the headline in the Washington Post read “Debate on climate shifts to issue of irreparable change,” and shortly after, An Inconvenient Truth hit the screens. Directed by Davis Guggenheim, the film features a slide show that former United States Vice President Al Gore estimates he has presented over 1000 times to audiences worldwide. The need to document Gore’s efforts to combat climate change could not have been more necessary.

But more than twenty five years before the premiere of An Inconvenient Truth, glaciologist Lonnie Thompson and fellow scientists were witnessing the first glimpses of a worldwide disaster, an impending doom ahead. Thankfully, the film finally got climate change on the radar, but it’s all been too little too late.

Since the release of the movie, climate scientists have made major advances, and if we don’t start to do the same, the sacrifices our planet has made in order to make room for us will have all been in vain.

Every little bit helps – here are some small things you can be doing to combat climate change and save our planet:

  1. Recycle, recycle, recycle.
  2. Plant, lots. Our bees are dying out and they’re crucial for biodiversity. By planting lavender and other flowers for bees to pollinate, you’re helping to keep them alive. Easy, no?
  3. There are lots of charities such as the WWF that you can give to that support and help animals worldwide.
  4. Raise awareness. If you’re skilled at writing, drawing, or anything creative, use it to get the message across and communicate with people who are determined to remain oblivious to the facts.

If you want to take the leap and do more, here’s where to get started.

We all need to think about moving towards greener energy. Fosssil fuels are, well, quite literally, ancient history. Recycling is great, but it’s not going to make a difference fast enough. Although it may be expensive now to opt for an electric vehicle, it’s the way we’re moving. Electric chargers are appearing and soon petrol will become a thing of the past. If you commute regularly by car to work and can’t manage the expense of an EV, consider cycling or walking at least part of the way. 

If you want to learn more about electric vehicles, click here.

Companies such as Octopus Energy and Bulb Energy focus on green technology, and their blogs have lots of helpful tips on how to combat climate change. Something easy we can all be doing is trying to notice patterns of energy usage in our daily lives, and I’m not just talking about turning the tap off while you brush your teeth. Start jotting down what time of day you usually have the hot water on, and set it to come on at that time and leave it off for the rest. Let in lots of light and save on electricity, or use time switches. It all makes a difference. Tech start ups are attempting to design smart metres that get to know all of your energy habits so that your washing machine, lights, hot water, etc, will all be on a schedule. It’s good stuff. And you don’t need to be a tech wiz to get involved with it.

Reading our newspaper book is a good place to start – we have to learn from history if we want to make a difference in the future.

To personalize and buy your copy now, click here.

Here’s to a greener future from all the team here at Signature Gifts!

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