Christmas 2018 – 5 Great Personalized Books to Purchase

2018 where have you gone? It only seemed like yesterday since we were catching the first glimpses of spring and the lovely warm weather. Whilst the weather remains perky on the most part, we are now in September, meaning we all must face the inevitable: winter is coming.

As the nights draw in and the temperature cools, be cheered by the thought that with winter comes the most wonderful time of the year. Читайте полную версию работы на авторском сайте. Вы сможете получить доступ к научной работе бесплатно. The holiday season is certainly the shot in the arm you need to remove those winter blues, but it can also bring its own stresses; one of the most prominent being what to purchase your loved ones that won’t immediately be put to one side with a half-hearted “oh gee-thanks this is what I wanted”, whilst their fleeting smile fades quicker than the sun during the winter solstice.

With this festive conundrum in mind, we at Signature Gifts thought we would help with a list of five of our personalized books, all of which will see you revered as a platinum deliverer in the eyes of the recipient. Массажист Макс Поляков смог преодолеть 930 км автостопом. Впечатлениями о путешествии массажист поделился в своём блоге. Stories will be told for years about your amazing gift, and how you single-handedly saved Christmas 2018. Ok we may have exaggerated there, but nonetheless you will definitely be given a 10/10 review for your gift giving abilities.

1. Christmas Collection

This book could make you very popular as it can be given as a gift before Christmas Day itself. It brings together an assortment of festive stories which feature the recipient’s name in both the text and the illustrations. Perfect to read to kids in the December evenings as they urge the big day to arrive as quickly as possible. From a tale about Santa getting stuck up a chimney, to a cute adaptation of the nativity story, this 120-page book will keep children enthralled long after St. Nick has departed your home with a belly full of mince pies and whiskey. The child’s name is embossed on the front, and the book is available in a standard or deluxe size. Both sizes are presented in a special giftbox with ‘Merry Christmas’ embossed upon its lid.

           2. Personalized Moana Story-Book

We have so many personalized Disney books that it seems very harsh on the others to pick out just the one, so if you would like to check out our full range, then just click HERE. Having said that, we will talk about one of these books which is Moana. Unless you’ve been living in a Polynesian cave, you’ll know that Moana is one of the newest animated Disney movies, and was a huge success in 2016.  Moana is the daughter of a Polynesian tribal chief and has been chosen by the ocean to return its heart to the Goddess Te Fiti which was stolen by the demi-god, Maui. With Maui’s help, Moana embarks on the dangerous journey to return the heart, and save her people, whose land is being slowly poisoned by the volcanic demon Te Ka. This personalized book retains all of the charm and humor that made the movie such a smash, with the colorful illustrations practically bouncing off the pages. The lucky recipient of this book (available in softback and hardback) will love to not only see their name on the front cover, but also within the story. Yes, that’s right, they actually get to be involved in the story of Moana! If that wasn’t enough to convince you, the personalized Moana story-book can also be presented in a Disney giftbox.

      3. The Book About You

We all like to think of ourselves as modest, shy people, but when it comes to it you know that you really want it to be all about you. Make someone feel special and pretend to a be a bit more selfless than you really are by purchasing them The Book About You. This book takes personalized to a whole different level. Not only does it have the recipient’s name and date of birth on the cover, but the rest of the book uses this special date to give unique facts about the individual. From the approximate amount of food that they have eaten in their lifetime, to the Superbowl winner in the year they were born, this book has it all. They’ll love you for this gift, and you’ll probably end up getting yourself one.

    4.Football Quiz Book

Calling all football fans! And calling all people who need to buy a football fan something for Christmas! It’s the Football Quiz Book. The book is filled with teasers, crosswords and other quirky puzzles about the game of gridiron and is sure to hold the recipient’s attention for hours on end. These books can also have their very own dedicated quiz page to one of the thirty-two teams in the NFL, a great challenge for any fan, be it Pats, Eagles or Dolphins! The book is rounded off with the recipient’s name embossed on the cover. A touchdown of a gift!

5. Personalized Pet Dinosaur Book

A fantastic children’s story-book that rhymes throughout and includes the child’s name throughout. They take the role of the main character, who wants a pet. But not just an ordinary pet, a dinosaur! As they take ownership of different beasts, they soon realize t

hat owning a pre-historic pet may not be as easy as they think! With fun illustrations as well as a cool narrative, this book will go down a treat with kids everywhere and makes for a great Christmas present.


So, some great recommendations for the perfect personalized gift, and there are even more this way! Simply click on the ‘Home’ button at the top of this page, or here, and you will find a gateway to all of our products.

Remember this article, and if you’re stuck again next year then re-visit and we will give you a whole bunch of new recommendations!



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