ONE D.O.B = ONE Book About YOU

Signature Gifts’ latest product, The Book About You offers the kind of content the title describes. This is a personalized book with a name that is all about the recipient and is the perfect gift for any occasion.

Autobiographies. Books often written by sports personalities, actors, musicians, and any other celebrity you can think of. They sell well as it is usually a fascinating insight into the life of somebody who does not live the ‘norm’ or go through the day-to-day routines of members of the public. In fact, ‘regular’ people are rarely afforded a chance in their lifetime to publish their own autobiography, lest they note down their doings in some form of diary or journal.

A few months ago, the creative team here at Signature Gifts discussed the above subject matter and decided that something must be done about it. What if there was a book that could state facts about anybody, simply based on their date of birth? A book dedicated to one person, their very own biography. Is such a book even possible? Personalized books are our specialty, of course, but this idea was taking it up a notch.

Well, the team bashed their collective heads together for a few more days until it was firmly agreed that such a book COULD be created. Some months later, and we are proud to announce that The Book About You is live and available for purchase.

The Book About You, what does it do?

The original idea was to take a date of birth and use this and this alone to create a book filled with data about that person. There are too few cases of ideas staying their true course without any variation, but luckily for us, the final product is a remarkable doppelganger of its initial aim.

The Book About You documents the recipient’s life with unique and fascinating facts that have been produced using clever algorithms from their date of birth. Fancy, right? From biological basics such as the exact month and year they developed fingerprints, to the number 1 single and album the week they were born, The Book About You is 60 pages of non-stop fun trivia that will take pride of place in any reading collection. What’s more, the front cover of the book is embossed with the recipient’s name and date of birth. To cap things off, the book is presented in a fabulous gift box which has been especially made for this product.

It really is the ultimate personalized book. All it requires is a date of birth. That’s a date, a month, and year. For a whole book about you. 60 pages. About you. It couldn’t be simpler.


Made to Order

Like all of our books, The Book About You is made in-house at our state-of-the-art production facility in Scotland, UK.

Our wholesale books are made to order, meaning you will never have to worry about anything being out of stock. This eliminates being caught short when the book your customer wanted to buy is no longer available. The Book About You will be dispatched within 2 full working days of it being ordered. Drop shipping for our personalized books is also available.



Available Now

The perfect gift for a loved one, click here to add The Book About You to your listings today!

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